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My friend wants to be
the Wolfman
it's not my thing
but I guess I understand

     let the fur cover his face
     fingers sharpen to claws
     let him run wild thru the woods
     we been human for too long

he sits all day
at his desktop computer
with his screensaver
of Lon Chaney, Jr.

let him catch the scent of his prey
and howl his native tongue
let his stalk by the light of the moon
we been human for too long

my friend's divorced
and he's late on child support
the IRS garnish his wage
he's humped like a slave

     let him see with his animal eye
     forget about right and wrong
     let his shapeshift like the wind
     we been human for too long

he's just a gentlest guy
he'd never hurt anyone
but it's just a matter of time
before the stitching's undone

one day the moon will come out
and instinct will be too strong
I hope he don't come after me
we been human for too long