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It's the first day of fall
Friday afternoon
my neighbor soars by
in his white bmw

first leaves on the ground
but not enough to rake
it's still summer
to the bright green grass snake

     I know I got a lot to do
     but it'd be a shame to interrupt
     this first fall friday afternoon

red berries 'bout to burst
and the red bird's giving chase
through the high trumpet vine
after a thieving blue jay

Martha from down the street
walks her boston terrier
she'd stop to talk but the little dog
is just too strong for her

    I know I got a lot to do . . .

tiny worker ants
march in doubletime
up the front steps under my legs
all in a straight line

and Miss Ruby drives the bus
that should be coming soon
and bring my boy home
from his first full week of school

     I know I got a lot to do . . .