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The original bluesman is a 100 years old
he was the first to ever sell his soul
plays the guitar with the jangling strings
sorta whispers as he sings

     he closes his eyes, taps his shoes
     when he sings, he's the king of the blues

he met the devil long time ago
mississippi moonlight country crossroads
he asked the devil for some guitar strings
devil said son I can make you a king

     devil winked and said here's what I'll do
     I throw in them strings and make you king of the blues

          just make your mark on the dotted line
          but when the last string breaks your soul will be mine

in mississippi a trade's a trade
and them devil strings sang like a switchblade
from dallas to memphis down to new orleans
he cut the competition 'till they crowned him the king

     wherever he went the women all swooned
     and everyone said he's the king of the blues

easy riders and fancy cars
he had more than the notes on his guitar
fistful of jewelry and fancy silk clothes
never bothered much about his soul

     over the years he broke a string or two
     but he didn't care cause he was king of the blues

          albert, freddie and b.b. too
          none could stand up to the king of the blues

he's still the king though times have changed
white boys play the blues but they plays it strange
his skeleton shows through his wornout suit
had to pawn the diamond from his gold tooth

     the devil's waiting in the wings
     cause he's getting down to his last string

     when he sings his last tune
     he'll go out the king of the blues