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I was cruising down highway 100
just minding my own business
a cop car screamed up chasing a bike
ridden by Jesus Christ look-a-like

now Jesus and the cop were on top of me
only two lanes trying to make three
bike weaved like an obstacle course
cop on his tail like a deadly force

it's hard to tell the wrong from the right
but sometimes you've got to take a side

we were coming up hard on the Harpeth Bridge
oncoming traffic was                             a truckload of pigs
road narrows ain't got no shoulder
I could slow down, couldn't pull over

it's hard to tell the wrong from the right . . .

I hit that bridge at the speed of sound
pretty sure my four wheels left the ground between whine of the siren, roar of the diesel
somehow Jesus threaded the needle

and he shot off into infinity
instead the cop gave a ticket to me
he was so mad he couldn't see straight
but I was just glad Jesus got away