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Running to Paradise
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Tops of the Trees
Million Ways to Die
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Paul is Dead
The Tower
Too Young to Die
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Blue Hole
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Goin' Down to the River
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Texasee Sayings

He's climbing the tower
following the circular stair
he feels like he been here before
in the empire of the air

he's listening to the top 40
on his pocket AM radio
got a lunchbox with dum-dum rounds
got a rifle got a rifle with a sniper's scope

    and at the top    
    time seems to stop    
    in the stillness of an August haze
    and as they fall    
    they all seem so small    
    so random and so far away

he knows he's never come down again
typed a note says he's prepared to die
he feels lighter than a lightning bolt
about to fall out of a clear blue sky

fifty hits in ninety minutes
fifty bodies on the campus lawn
it's so insane who can you blame
it's so insane where we all went wrong

    at the top . . .