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Texasee Sayings

saw Buddy Holly
was the summer of '77
he was fronting a cow-punk band
said I thought you were in heaven

    said he didn't know
        said it might turn out that way might
            be gone tomorrow
        but I'm still here here today

called up miss cleo
get my picks for the lottery
find out what my future
had in store for me

    said she didn't know
        but it'll all turn out okay
            might be gone tomorrow
    but you're still here here today

ran into shakey
at the laundramat hustling change
asked him what he would do
if he could do it all again

    said he didn't know
        probably just turn out this way
            might be gone tomorrow
        but he's still here here today

saw John Lennon
he appeared in a fruitpie
asked him if we still rock
after we die

    said he didn't know
        but it might turn out that way
            we're all gone tomorrow
        but we're still here here today