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Texasee Sayings

Great grandpa was a railroad man
great grandma was a Cherokee Indian
they took a long walk off the reservation
ended up at the railroad station

    and the moon stood in the western sky
        as the morning sun begin to rise
            on a girl with Indian eyes

grandpa stole a catcher's mitt
won a baseball scholarship
swung away and missed three times
but he still managed to catch grandma's eye

    and the moon . . . .

momma was a reckless a child
always had the devilish smile
she danced with daddy at Ft Ord
and things got hot in the Cold War

    and the moon . . . .
I met Jackie at the billiard hall
she ran the table in a game of eight-ball
and our first child came in '99
a pretty little girl with coal black indian eyes

    and the moon . . . .