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My name is Aron Presley
and I was born the day I died
twin brother lived
but that wasn't his fault
he carried me inside
just like a bride

I was his shadow
I was his pain
Elvis Aron Presley
that was our name

We were born in
a sharecropper's shotgun shack
way down in old dustbowl Tupelo
till they packed us up
in that ole pickup truck
and we sang up to Memphis
on that hot dusty road

he sang the high part
and I sang the low
Elvis Aron Presley
one voice two souls

We sang for Mr Phillips
till the Colonel come along
you know the story
you know the song

I watched from my seat
in the shadows
at his fifty foot tall face
in a qualude haze
but our eyes met each
morning in the mirror
and I watched that
dream of graceland

I was his angel
I was his curse
Elvis Aron Presley
for better for worse