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Running to Paradise
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The Getaway
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The Real Elenor Rigby
Apache Kid
Great Awakening
Ziwatanexo (Zihuatinejo)
Running to Paradise
Good Revolution
Madman of Music Row
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  Looks like this country's screwed
  looked good on paper
  but what's that worth
the dream been shred
  and the bloods been bled
  so let the zombies inherit the earth

      what this country needs
        what it is sure could use
      what is sorely needs
        is a good old-fashioned revolution
      yeah a good revolution
            what we surely need
                   is a good revolution
they filled up the circus tent
  with the promise of free lunch
and free rent
  but when the show was over
  we all got sober
and wondered where
   our country went

     what this country needs . . .

          the game been fixed
            by sideshow politics
          they say he's only sick
            but that dead dog
          aint learning any new tricks
roll out the barrel
    of bailout ale
  tell the grandkids
    a fairy tale

strike a match
   at the fire sale
  and jump for cover
   in the wishing well

     what this country needs . . . .