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Running to Paradise
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Trees asleep
noon has killed the breeze
live oak and magnolia
osage and evergreen

     it's not nostalgia
        or a memory
     just a voice we all hear
 even if doesn't always speak

clouds are sure
standing at heaven's door
west wind barely breathes
hijacked by the heat
        it's not nostalgia
        it's not a memory
     doesn't matter what you call it
  same thing we all look up and see

deep and cool
something in the woods has moved
too fast to see
like the eye of the coyote

spider's fled
left empty web
its tidy silken thread
like a tiny universe is spread
    it's not nostalgia
     not a memory
   just a thought you're thinking
just the life we're all living

limb stutters
leaves flutter
like the tongues

wind has found
his voice again
and the big clouds move
across the sun

  it's not nostalgia
       not a memory
just the dream we're dreaming
  it's just the great awakening