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Running to Paradise
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  he came out nowhere
according to the story
to the San Carlos Mission
of the Arizona Territory

his name meant tall man
who comes to mysterious end
to the white folks at the mission
he was just the apache kid

     do you know where he going
     do you know where he been
     apache kid

he rode with
  the US Army
  wore the coat
  of indian scout
he found that trouble
  was easier
  to get into
  than to get out

took a shot
  of whiskey
took a shot
  of indian wine
in the morning
  there were
  two dead men
and he was running
  for his life

do you know
   where he going . . .
row 2
they put a name in the paper
price on his head
five thousand dollars
preferably dead

he road down skeleton canyon
and he road up bitter creek
the sergeants said they'd rather track
a drunken coyote

      do you know where he going . . . .
  back at San Carlos
the sergeants drink a beer
one says to the other
a man don't just disappear

the other answers
two to one he's dead by now
but moon hangs like quicksilver
and a lone coyote howl

      do you know where he going . . . .